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Our cremation costs are inclusive of VAT and are weight dependent. Also included at no extra cost is either a wooden casket or scatter pouch. A professionally hand made condolence card and engraved nameplate are also included. Be aware, our competitors separate their costs to make it appear that they are cheaper.

Small Animal        
0 – 10 Kg         
10.1 – 20 Kg         
20.1 – 30 Kg         
30.1 – 40 Kg         
40.1 – 50 Kg         
50.1 – 60 Kg         
60.1 Kg +      


(Fish, Hamster, Guinea Pig etc)

(Approx. Wt. Yorkshire Terrier etc)

(Approx. Wt. Collie etc)

(Approx. Wt. Labrador etc)

(Approx. Wt. Great Dane etc)

(Approx. Wt. St Bernard etc)

(Approx. Wt. Mountain dog etc)

Your pet may differ from the above list.

We will pick up from your home free if local, but this will incur a cost outwith the local area.

Please call to find out more.

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